THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 2004, 9:00 A.M.






1.          Consider claims of J. K. Patel for damage caused by sewer backup.


2.          Consider electric power costs along 43rd Street for the Sewer System project for Prairie Hill Subdivision.


III.              CONSENT AGENDA


1.          Consider acceptance of a permanent public right-of-way easement for the NW Huxman Road over Silver Lake Drainage Ditch bridge project and authorization to pay property owner the agreed settlement amount.


2.          Consider acceptance of permanent public right-of-way easements for the NW 46th Street over Messhoss Creek bridge project and authorization to pay property owners the agreed settlement amounts.


3.          Consider Change Order No. 1 for the S. Topeka Blvd. Bridge Over Wakarusa River project.


4.          Consider awarding bid for the East 6th Street major pavement maintenance project and Contract C271-2004 for same.


5.          Consider Contract C272-2004 for design services for the SW 53rd and Wanamaker Road intersection.


6.          Acknowledge receipt of the overtime report for IT and Emergency Communications.


7.          Acknowledge receipt of Summons in Case No. 04C1165—Robert J. Malonee #55832 vs. Shawnee County, et al., and Case No. 04C1135—American General Finance, Inc., vs. Board of County Commissioners of Shawnee County, et al.


8.          Acknowledge receipt of Summons in Case No. 04CV01408—Xiangyuan Zhu vs. the County of Shawnee, Kansas, et al.


IV.              NEW BUSINESS


A.          COUNTY CLERK – Cynthia Beck


1.          Consider voucher payments.


2.          Consider correction orders.


3.          Acknowledge receipt of petition for creation of  Main Sewer District #69, Lateral 1 and set hearing date.


4.          Acknowledge receipt of petition for creation of  Main Sewer District  #90, Lateral 1 and set hearing date.


5.          Acknowledge receipt of petition for creation of Secondary Main Sewer District and Lateral within Main Sewer District #85 and set hearing date.


6.          Acknowledge receipt of a road petition for vacation of a portion of NW Humphrey Road, approve the petitioner’s bond for road vacation, set the road view date and appoint three disinterested householders to serve as viewers.






B.          SHERIFF’S OFFICE – Sheriff Barta


1.          Public Hearing for the 2004 Local Law Enforcement Block Grant.


C.          KANSAS EXPOCENTRE – H.R. Cook


1.          Consider request to solicit proposals for the purchase of up to 8 parking booths and for concrete and lane work in the parking lot.


D.         COUNTY TREASURER – Larry Wilson


1.          Consider request to advertise and hire vacant Account Clerk I position.


E.          PURCHASING – Charlene Mischke


1.          Consider awarding bid for Shawnee County surplus.


F.           PUBLIC WORKS – Lynn Couch


1.          Consider Contract C273-2004 with Kansas Gas Service for providing gas service to the Public Works traffic shop.


G.         HUMAN RESOURCES – Rich Davis


1.          Consider reimbursement for moving expenses for new employee.


2.          Consider appointment of grievance Committee for a step three grievance appeal.


H.         HEALTH AGENCY – Anne Freeze


1.          Consider request to advertise and fill a vacant Spanish Interpreter/Translator position.


2.          Consider out-of-state travel for Dr. Maria Quevedo to attend conferences.


I.            COMMISSION


1.          Consider appointments to the Jayhawk Area Agency on Aging.