MONDAY, JUNE 14, 2004, 9:00 A.M.






1.          Consider Charter Resolution No. CH-2004-1 exempting the Board of County Commissioners of the County of Shawnee, Kansas from the provisions of K.S.A. 12-741 et seq.—Commissioner Miller.


2.          Consider Contract C169-2004 for a T-1 circuit, point-to-point between the Courthouse and the Motor Vehicle Annex.


III.              CONSENT AGENDA


1.          Consider line item adjustment for Community Corrections.


2.          Consider Resolution No. 2004-89 for the placement of barricades for the efficient and safe direction of vehicle traffic for the Topeka Tinman Triathlon on June 19, 2004—Commissioner Ensley


3.          Consider request for funds from the Diversion Fund to pay for staff attending the Spring Conference of Kansas County and District Attorneys Association meeting in Wichita on June 6, 7, and 8, 2004.


4.          Consider final plat for Sherwood Estates Subdivision No. 63.


5.          Reflect the adjusted employer rate of contribution for the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System for the remainder of fiscal year 2004 and the employer rate of contribution for the fiscal year beginning in calendar year 2005.


6.          Reflect the employer rate of contribution for the Kansas Police and Firemen’s Retirement System for the fiscal year beginning in calendar year 2005.


7.          Reflect that the Chairman signed the Kansas Juvenile Justice Authority and Kansas Advisory Group grant application for the Shawnee County Family Resource Center.


8.          Consider Contract C186-2004, Education and Training Expense agreement with Brian Weiss for training in Florida, July 6 through the 9, 2004.


IV.              NEW BUSINESS


A.          COUNTY CLERK – Cynthia Beck


1.          Consider voucher payments.


2.          Consider correction orders.


3.          Consider request to purchase a Microsoft Structured Query Language Software 2000 with one processor license through the State Contract and three ESRI ArcInfo Floating licenses with ArcGIS 9 Parallel Installation Package with funds in the Land and Property Records fund.


4.         Public Hearing regarding sewer and street assessments and consider Resolution Nos. 2004-90 through 2004-95—Commissioner Ensley.


B.          TREASURER – Larry Wilson


1.          Consider request to solicit bids for a Canon Microfilm replacement system.


2.          Consider request to advertise and fill an Account Clerk II position.


3.          Consider request to purchase an additional copier with a three year extended warranty from Office Depot.








C.          PARKS AND RECREATION – John Knight


1.          Consider request to advertise and fill a vacant position of Park Maintenance Worker.


D.         HEALTH AGENCY – Anne Freeze


1.          Consider request to advertise and fill a Home Health RN position with the Adult Field Services Division.


2.          Consider request to advertise and fill a Patient Services Specialist position.


E.          PUBLIC WORKS – Lynn Couch


1.          Consider Contract C187-2004 for the repair of failed concrete pavement on E. 6th Street.


2.          Consider awarding bid for the construction of sanitary sewer improvements in Shawnee County Sewer District No. 83, Lateral District No. 1, Prairie Hills Subdivision and Contract C188-2004 for same.


F.           PLANNING DEPARTMENT – Barry Beagle


1.          Consider Resolution No. 2004-96 amending the district zoning classification from “RR-1” Residential Reserve to “HL” Historic Landmark Overlay District on property at 6620 SE Ward Road in Tecumseh Township—Commissioner Ensley.