THURSDAY, MAY 27, 2004, 9:00 A.M.




1.          Presentation of plaque to Robert Lester upon his retirement.





III.              CONSENT AGENDA


1.          Acknowledge receipt of  “Shawnee County Treasurer’s Office – Strategic Analysis” and acknowledge the outstanding service provided by the Washburn University, School of Business, MBA program.


2.          Acknowledge receipt of Summons in Case No. 04C684—The Sherwin-Williams Company vs. Shawnee County Commissioners, et al.


3.          Consider Change Order No. 1 for the Hidden Valley Subdivision No. 3 Street Benefit District.


4.          Acknowledge receipt of overtime report for IT and Emergency Communications.


5.          Consider Contract C173-2004 for Hitachi software Global Technologies service.


6.          Consider awarding bid for the construction of Sewer District No. 87 Main project and Contract C174-2004 for same.


7.          Consider Contract C175-2004, amendment to Contract C101-2004 for engineering services connected with Sewer District No. 33 Lateral Sanitary Sewer District No. 7 in Shiloh Ridge Estates Subdivision reducing the contract amount.


8.          Consider Contract C176-2004, amendment to Contract 103-2001 for engineering services for Shawnee County Sewer District No. 83, Prairie Hills Subdivision increasing the contract amount to furnish a resident project representative on the construction site.


9.          Consider Emergency Vehicle Permit for Grant Peters.


10.       Acknowledge receipt of the MTAA’s 2003 Audit Report.


11.       Acknowledge receipt of the Shawnee County Kansas OMB A-87 Cost Allocation Plan for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2003.


12.       Consider request from the Shawnee County Family Resource Center (School Attendance Coalition), the Shawnee Regional Prevention Center (Safe Streets), the Topeka Youth Project (Youth Court) and the Topeka Center for Peace and Justice (Victim-Offender Mediation) to serve as the fiscal officer for a Juvenile Justice Title V Grant.


13.       Acknowledge receipt of the SCHA FQHC Board Agenda of May 25, 2004 and minutes of the April meeting.


14.       Consider acceptance of motor vehicle funds from the Shawnee County Treasurer’s Office to be credited to the County’s General Fund.













IV.              NEW BUSINESS


A.          COUNTY CLERK – Cynthia Beck


1.          Consider voucher payments.


2.          Consider correction orders.


B.          COUNTY COUNSELOR – Rich Eckert


1.          Consider claim of Martin Kennedy for reimbursement of money paid to Shawnee County Refuse Dept.


2.          Consider Contract C177-2004, interlocal agreement with the City of Topeka adopting the amended 2004 Neighborhood Revitalization Plan.


C.          PUBLIC WORKS – Lynn Couch


1.          Consider request to purchase AutoCad software for the Surveyor’s Office with Land Records fund monies.


2.          Consider request to increase project authorization for the SE 77th Street Bridge over Lynn Creek project for repair to a septic system.


3.          Consider request to waive the formal purchasing procedures and purchase modular furniture.


4.          Consider request to waive the formal selection process and negotiate a contract with a local consulting firm to prepare plans and bidding documents for major maintenance on E. 6th Street.




1.          Consider Contract C178-2004 with the Kansas Division of Emergency Management for a grant to establish and equip Citizen Emergency Response Teams.


E.          INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – Bill Singer


1.          Consider request for out of state travel for telecommunications specialist.


F.           HUMAN RESOURCES – Rich Davis


1.          Consider request to subscribe to the Kansas Employment Law Letter.