MONDAY APRIL 26, 2004, 9:00 A.M.






1.          Consider Resolution No. 2004-69 for a conditional use permit to establish a horse riding/training facility on property at 4730 SE Shawnee Heights Road—Commissioner Ensley.


2.          Consider application for Byrne grant—Sheriff’s Office.


3.          Consider request to reclassify position in the Treasurer’s Office in the Motor Vehicle Division.


4.          Consider request to abolish the position of Office Assistant II and create a new position of Administrative Assistant at the Health Agency.


III.              CONSENT AGENDA


1.          Acknowledge receipt of overtime report for the Maintenance Department.


2.          Consider Resolution Nos. 2004-73 and 2004-74 authorizing the County Treasurer to cancel and reissue checks—Commissioner Ensley.


3.          Receive, for approval by the Board, County Commission Meeting minutes of September 8, 2003 and November 6, 2003; and April 5, 2004.


4.          Consider Contract C143-2004 for annual maintenance of typewriters in the Health Agency.


5.          Consider Contract C144-2004 for annual maintenance of the standby generator at the Sherwood Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant.


6.          Consider Contract C145-2004 for annual maintenance of a typewriter for the Emergency Communications Center.


7.          Consider letter to SBC that Shawnee County has no objections to the 911 service plan.


8.          Consider Resolution No. 2004-75 authorizing the County Clerk to cancel a check—Commissioner Ensley.


9.          Consider Contract C146-2004 for annual maintenance of typewriter in the Counselor’s Office.


10.       Consider Highway Safety Project Reimbursement Request #5 from the Sheriff’s Department for overtime during the saturation patrol on April 10.


IV.              NEW BUSINESS


A.          COUNTY CLERK – Cynthia Beck


1.          Consider voucher payments.


2.          Consider correction orders.


3.          Consider renewal of BRB tax exemption for 2004.


B.          BOND COUNSEL – Jon Small


1.          Acknowledge receipt of petition, hold public hearing and consider Resolution No. 2004-76 authorizing the Linwood Subdivision No. 3 Street Benefit District—Commissioner Ensley.


2.          Hold Public Hearing and consider Resolution No. 2004-77 authorizing the creation of Shawnee County Main Sewer District No. 81, Lateral District No. 2 and sewer improvements therein and the enlargement of Halfday Creek connection fee area—Commissioner Ensley.








C.          COUNTY COUNSELOR – Rich Eckert


1.          Consider Contract C147-2004 with Topeka Ice, LLC to play hockey at the Kansas Expocentre beginning in the Fall of 2004.


D.         PUBLIC WORKS – Lynn Couch


1.          Consider request to issue “Request for Proposals” for professional design services to develop preliminary right-of-way and final plans for the improvements of the intersection at SW Wanamaker Road and SW 53rd Street.


E.          PURCHASING – Charlene Mischke


1.          Consider awarding bid for asphalt for Public Works


F.           HEALTH AGENCY – Anne Freeze


1.          Consider request for out-of-state travel for four employees to attend the Midwest Cluster Summit.


2.          Consider request to solicit bids for the printing of regional All-Hazards Guide.