THURSDAY, APRIL 15, 2004, 9:00 A.M.






1.  Consider Home Rule Resolution No. HR-2004-6 creating the Land Records Committee for the purpose of hearing and reviewing requests for expenditures from the Land or Property Records Fund—Commissioner Ensley.


2.  Consider request to create and fill a pesticide applicator position—Noxious Weeds.


3.  Consider request for a subscription to the Topeka Capital Journal—Noxious Weeds.


4.  Consider request to fill two vacant positions—Parks and Recreation.


III.              CONSENT AGENDA


1.  Acknowledge receipt of public notice from the Kansas Dept. of Health and Environment for a proposed Kansas Water Pollution Control Permit for the Shawnee Hills Mobile Home Park Wastewater Treatment Facility.


2.  Acknowledge receipt of Safe Streets quarterly report for January 1 through March 31, 2004.


3.  Consider acceptance of deed for part of lot 16, Block C, Monarch Meadows Subdivision for the Lincolnshire Pump Station and authorize payment—Public Works.


4.  Acknowledge receipt of overtime report for the Recycling Department.


5.  Acknowledge receipt of report on the status of the Recycling Department.


6.  Consider acceptance of drainage easement requested by the developer of Sterling Chase Subdivision—Public Works.


7.  Consider release of surety for the Sherwood Park Subdivision No. 6 Street Benefit District—Public Works.


8.  Consider Contract C129-2004 with KDOT relative to Highway/Railroad Crossing Safety—Public Works.


9.  Consider Contract C130-2004 for annual maintenance of the date/time stamp machine--Elections.


10.       Consider Contract C131-2004 for annual maintenance for 7 typewriters--Elections.


11.       Consider Contract C124-2004 for a part-time assistant investigator--Coroner.


IV.              NEW BUSINESS


A.          COUNTY CLERK – Cynthia Beck


1.  Consider voucher payments.


2.  Consider correction orders.


B.          SHERIFF’S OFFICE – Sheriff Barta


1.  Consider request to purchase a camcorder from the Capital Equipment Fund.


C.          HEALTH AGENCY – Anne Freeze


1.  Consider request to advertise and fill two Patient Services Specialist positions.


2.  Consider request to purchase seven computers.






D.         PARKS AND RECREATION – John Knight


1.  Consider Contract C132-2004 for design and installation services for the sound system at the Shawnee North Family Aquatic Center.


2.  Consider Contract C133-2004 with the Topeka Rowing Association identifying the responsibilities of Shawnee County and the TRA for the special use of Lake Shawnee.




1.  Consider request to purchase items selected by the Office of Domestic Preparedness Grant Committee from the year 2003 ODP Grant.


2.  Consider Contracts C134-2004 through C136-2004 for two preventative maintenance inspections per year for the Liebert Uninterrupted Power Source, limited battery replacement for three UPS units, and on call support during working hours.


F.           INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – Bill Singer


1.  Consider Contracts C137-2004 and C138-2004 for software support for the secure links between the DOC, LEC and KBI utilized for passing criminal history information.


G.         PUBLIC WORKS – Lynn Couch


1.  Consider request to advertise and fill a Road Maintenance position.


H.         HUMAN RESOURCES – Rich Davis


1.  Consider Resolution No. 2004-71 updating the Drug and Alcohol Testing policy—Commissioner Ensley.


I.            ELECTIONS – Libby Ensley


1.  Consider out of state travel to attend a conference.


J.           PURCHASING – Charlene Mischke


1.  Consider awarding bid for transportation of voting booth and ballot boxes to and from polling places.


2.  Consider awarding bid for ballot printing for the Election Office.


3.  Consider awarding bid for the purchase of one core pulverizer for the Golf Course.


4.  Consider awarding bid for the purchase of one lightweight fairway mower for the Golf Course.


K.         PLANNING DEPARTMENT – Barry Beagle


1.  Consider final plat for Hidden Valley Subdivision #4.


2.  Consider final plat for Misty Harbor Estates #2.


3.  Consider final plat for Mission Hills Subdivision #2.