THURSDAY, APRIL 8, 2004, 9:00 A.M.






III.              CONSENT AGENDA


1.          Acknowledge receipt of the County Treasurerís Idle Funds Investment quarterly report for the period ended March 31, 2004.


2.          Acknowledge receipt of the County Treasurerís bank reconciliation for the month ended March 31, 2004.


3.          Receive, for approval by the Board, County Commission Meeting minutes for July 21, 2003, September 18, 2003 and December 22, 2003.


4.          Acknowledge receipt of the Emergency Communications Statistics for the month of March, 2004.


5.          Acknowledge receipt of correspondence from Derek A. Wheeler concerning his resignation from the Board of the Jayhawk Area Agency on Aging.


6.          Consider Contract C114-2004 for annual maintenance of the archive writer for the Courts.


7.          Consider Contract C115-2004 with SBC relative to the performance of certain work on Shawnee County right-of-way in conjunction with the NW 62nd Street bridge over Messhoss Creek project.


8.          Acknowledge receipt of the Interim Balance Sheet for the month ended March 31, 2004.


9.          Acknowledge receipt of overtime reports for October-December, 2003 and January and February, 2004 for the Coronerís Office.



IV.              NEW BUSINESS


A.          COUNTY CLERK Ė Cynthia Beck


1.          Consider voucher payments.


2.          Consider correction orders.


3.          Acknowledge receipt of petition for the creation of Shawnee County Main Sewer District No. 81, Lateral District No. 2 in Linwood Subdivision No. 3 and consider setting the hearing date of Monday, April 26, 2004.


B.          HEALTH AGENCY- Anne Freeze


1.          Consider Contract C116-2004 for pharmaceutical consultation services.


2.          Consider request for out-of-state travel for the Medical Reserve Corps coordinator to attend a conference.


3.          Consider application for the Senior Companion Program grant.








C.          PURCHASING- Charlene Mischke


1.          Consider awarding bid to the highest bidder for Shawnee County surplus property and request permission to solicit bids for the next surplus sale.


2.          Consider awarding bid for purchase of asphalt emulsion prime and RS-1H.


3.          Consider rejecting all bids for CM-L.


4.          Consider awarding bid for the purchase of de-icing salt.


5.          Consider awarding bid for the purchase ofsand.


6.          Consider awarding bid for the purchase of culverts.


D.         ELECTIONS- Elizabeth Ensley


1.          Consider request to fill a vacancy for the position of Election Systems Specialist.


2.          Consider request for out-of-state travel to attend the International Association of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials and Treasurers conference.


E.          NOXIOUS WEEDS- John Kabus


1.          Consider request to remove one intermittent position and create a permanent Pesticide Applicator position.


2.          Consider request for a subscription to the Topeka Capital Journal.