THURSDAY, APRIL 1, 2004, 9:00 A.M.






III.              CONSENT AGENDA


1.  Acknowledge receipt of the overtime report for Information Technology and Emergency Communications.


2.  Consider Contract C98-2004 for maintenance of  JURY + software for the Courts.


3.  Consider Contract C99-2004 for maintenance of typewriters for the Courts.


4.  Consider Resolution No. 2004-62 authorizing the County Treasurer to cancel and reissue checks—Commissioner Ensley.


5.  Acknowledge receipt of the Shawnee County’s Workers Compensation Self-Insurance Permit #994.


6.  Consider Contract C100-2004 for engineering services for the Deer Run Subdivision Phase II Street Benefit District project.


7.  Consider Contract C101-2004 for engineering services for the Sewer District No. 33 Lateral District No. 7 project in Shiloh Ridge Estates.


8.  Consider Contract C102-2004 for engineering services for the Shiloh Ridge Estates Street Benefit District project.


IV.              NEW BUSINESS


A.          COUNTY CLERK – Cynthia Beck


1.  Consider voucher payments.


2.  Consider correction orders.


3.  Hearing for consolidation of Rural Water Districts No.6 and No. 7 into Consolidated Rural Water District No. 3 and consider Order of Attachment.


B.          FACILITIES MANAGEMENT – Jon Forrestt


1.  Consider request to solicit bids for after hour’s security at the Courthouse.


C.          CORRECTIONS – Betsy Gillespie


1.  Consider Resolution No. 2004-63 providing for the collection of maintenance costs from certain inmates—Commissioner Ensley.


2.  Consider Contract C103-2004 for the inspection and testing of the fire alarm and smoke detection systems for the Adult and Juvenile Detention Centers.


D.         COUNTY COUNSELOR – Rich Eckert


1.  Consider request to conduct a sealed bids sale of property.








E.          PURCHASING – Charlene Mischke


1.  Consider awarding bid for uniform rental for various departments and Contract C104-2004 for same.


F.           INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – Bill Singer


1.  Consider Contract C105-2004 with SBC for T-1 lines for the Election Office.


2.  Consider Contract C106-2004 with SBC to convert the current phone system from basic trunks to Smart Trunks; Contract C107-2004 with IPR providing technical support necessary for the modifications to the Definity switch which supports the Smart Trunks; and consider request to waive the purchasing rules and regulations to purchase three additional cards.


G.         PARKS AND RECREATION – John Knight


1.  Consider Contract C108-2004 with The Aquatic Group, Inc. setting the scope and terms of the replacement of the water circulation system at the Lake Shawnee Swim Beach.


2.  Consider Change Order No. 1 for the Lake Shawnee Swim Beach Bathhouse Project for additional excavation and concrete.