THURSDAY, MARCH 18, 2004, 9:00 A.M.




1.  Announcement of Title Sponsor for the Spirit of Kansas to be held on July 4, 2004.


2.  Present Proclamation declaring the months of April and May as the Great American Cleanup months in Shawnee County.




1.  Consider Contract C52-2004 with SBC providing T-1 voice and data circuits to the Election Office.


III.              CONSENT AGENDA


1.  Consider Resolution Nos. 2004-49 and 2004-50 authorizing the County Clerk to cancel a check—Commissioner Ensley.


2.  Consider Contract C81-2004 for annual maintenance of Adager equipment.


3.  Consider Contract  C82-2004 for maintenance of the Correction Department’s air/heating roof top units and chiller.


4.  Consider authorizing payment of burial expenses.


5.  Consider acceptance of easements necessary for the Prairie Hill Subdivision Sanitary Sewer project and authorize payment to homeowners.


6.  Consider letter in support of Family Service and Guidance Center’s grant application.


7.  Receive, for approval by the Board, County Commission Meeting minutes of January 30, 2003, November 26, 2003, December 4, 11, and 18, 2003 and February 19, 2004.


IV.              NEW BUSINESS


A.          COUNTY CLERK – Cynthia Beck


1.  Consider voucher payments.


2.  Consider correction orders.


B.          BOND COUNSEL – Jon Small


1.  Acknowledge receipt of petition, hold public hearing and consider Resolution No. 2004-51 authorizing a street improvement district and street improvements for Alexander Place Subdivision—Commissioner Ensley.


C.          HEALTH AGENCY – Anne Freeze


1.  Consider request to advertise and fill three vacant RN positions in the Communicable Disease program.


2.  Consider request to create the positions of Dentist and Dental Assistants and the authority to advertise and hire for these positions.








3.  Consider Contract C84-2004 with the United Methodist Health Ministries Fund to establish a dental clinic as part of the agency’s services.


D.         Parks and Recreation – John Knight


1.  Consider request to waive formal bidding procedures for the contracting for a fireworks display for the Spirit of Kansas on July 4, 2004.


E.          FACILITIES MANAGEMENT – Jon Forrestt


1.  Discuss solicitation of  proposals for Expocentre building improvements.


F.           COUNTY COUNSELOR – Rich Eckert


1.  Consider subrogation claim of Farmers’ Insurance Group for damage caused by sewer backup.


2.  Consider Home Rule Resolution No. HR-2004-4 approving subdivision regulations for the County—Commissioner Ensley.




1.  Consider request to advertise and hire a shift supervisor.


H.         PURCHASING – Charlene Mischke


1.  Consider awarding bid for portable fence for Parks and Recreation.


2.  Consider Contracts C85-2004 and C86-2004 for photocopiers for the Appraiser’s Office and the Planning Department.


I.            PUBLIC WORKS – Lynn Couch


1.  Consider awarding bid for construction of the Shawnee County District #2 shop and sanitary sewer improvements.


J.           NOXIOUS WEEDS – John Kabus


1.  Consider request to advertise and fill a vacant position of Warehouse Manager.


2.  Consider request to hire intermittent seasonal employees.


K.         ELECTONS – Libby Ensley


1.  Consider Contract C83-2004 with St. Andrews Presbyterian Church for use of their large hall for election board worker training sessions.


2.  Presentation on Help America Vote Act.