MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2003, 9:00 A.M.







III.              NEW BUSINESS


A.          COUNTY CLERK – Cynthia Beck


1.  Consider voucher payments.


2.  Consider correction orders.


3.  Hold Public Hearing and consider Resolution 2003-176, authorizing the creation of Shawnee County Main Sewer District No. 74, Lateral District No. 7., within Sherwood Park Subdivision No. 7, and sewer improvements therein and the enlargement of the Sherwood Regional Waste Water Treatment District-Commissioner Miller.


B.            COUNTY COUNSELOR- Rich Eckert


1.  Acknowledge receipt of correspondence from the Kanza Rail-Trails Conservancy, Inc. expressing their intent to open a section of the Landon Nature Trail from the Topeka City limits to Adams Road.


C.            HEALTH AGENCY- Anne Freeze


1.  Consider request to waive the standard hiring procedures for hiring an ARNP under the National Health Services Corps (NHSC) Program.


D.              PUBLIC WORKS – Lynn Couch


1.  Consider Contract C392-2003 for appraisal services for certain Public Works projects for calendar year 2004.


2.  Consider Contract C393-2003 for professional services for the 2004 biennial bridge inventory and appraisal of rural secondary and off- system bridges in Shawnee County.


3.  Consider Resolution Nos. 2003-177, 2003-178 and 2003-179, authorizing the transfer of Public Works Department funds to the special highway, bridge and equipment funds- Commissioner Miller.


4.  Consider Contract C394-2003 for acquisition services for acquisition of certain real property interests on various Shawnee County Public Works projects from January 1, 2004 through December 31, 2004.


5.  Consider rejecting bids for the bridge replacement projects SW 93rd Street over Tributary to Wakarusa River BSN 10 and SW 93rd Street over Tributary to Wakarusa River BSN 20 and authorize the Public Works Department to re-solicit bids.


E.               REGISTER OF DEEDS- Marilyn Nichols


1.  Acknowledge the purchase of two new microfilm reader-printers and consider Contract C395-2003 for the maintenance of the two microfilm reader-printers.


F.               FACILITIES MAINTENANCE- Jon Forrestt


1.  Consider Contract C396-2003 for the District #3 Shop roof replacement project.


G.           PURCHASING- Charlene Mischke


1.  Consider negotiating with salt companies for this season’s supply of road salt.





2.  Consider awarding bids for sand.


H.           INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY- Bill Singer


1.Consider Contract C397-2003 for annual maintenance of the punch/binder machine.


2.Consider Contract C398-2003 with Medical Manager for creating the database on a new HAGAN Windows 2000 server associated with the Health Pro software.


I.                 PARKS AND RECREATION- John Knight


1.  Consider request to waive the formal bidding procedure for the purchase of sod for the Shawnee North Community Park.


2.  Consider Contract C401-2003 for construction of Lake Shawnee beach bathhouse and project exemption certificate.


J.           COMMISSION


1.  Discussion of City Resolution No. 7408 regarding the proposed Neighborhood Revitalization Plan and public hearing.




1.  Acknowledge receipt of the Shawnee County Ambulance Advisory Board meeting agenda for November 19, 2003 and minutes of the September 24, 2003 meeting.


2.  Receive, for approval by the Board, minutes of the July 3, 2003 meeting of the Board of County Commissioners.


3.  Consider acceptance of a permanent public right-of-way easement and a temporary construction easement for the NW 62nd Street-NW Docking Road to NW Hoch Road project and authorization to pay the property owner the agreed settlement amount.


4.  Acknowledge the reappointment of Dave Mac Fee to the Expocentre Board by Commissioner Miller.


5.  Acknowledge the reappointment of Michael Turner to the Landmarks Commission by Commissioner Miller.


6.  Consider Contract C399-2003 for the temporary rental of a storage unit for the Health Agency.


7.  Consider Contract C400-2003 for the annual monitoring fee on the fire monitoring system for the Health Agency.


8.  Acknowledge correspondence from Marilyn Nichols, Register of Deeds, regarding the purchase of upgraded PC’s.


9.  Consider acceptance of easements necessary for the construction and maintenance of the Sherwood Park Subdivision No. 6 Streets and Sewers.