MONDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2002, 9:00 a.m.


Please state your name and address for the record.

  1. Consider decision regarding Brunton/Thompson fence viewing.
  1. Consider request to set an annual fee for trash service exemptions—Health Agency.
  2. Consider Resolution No. 2002-289 authorizing a Conditional Use Permit for a public utility structure on property at SW 41st Street and SW Marion Lane.
  3. Consider Resolution No. 2002-288 amending the District Zoning Classification from "RR-1" Residential Reserve District to "I-1" Light Industrial District on property at 1836 SW 65th Street.
  1. COUNTY CLERK – Cynthia Beck
  1. Consider voucher payments.
  2. Consider correction orders.
  3. Consider release of financial surety for Shawnee County Main Sewer District No. 84 in Clarion Lakes Subdivision.
  4. Consider Resolution No. 2002-292 authorizing a cereal malt beverage license for Shirley G. Crowder d/b/a The Shack, Inc.
  5. Consider Resolution No. 2002-302 authorizing a cereal malt beverage license for Wood Oil Co., Inc.
  6. Consider Resolution No. 2002-303 authorizing a cereal malt beverage license for The Ridge Auto Center, LLC d/b/a The Market.
  1. BOND COUNSEL – Jon Small
  1. Conduct a briefing by Family Service and Guidance Center of Topeka, Inc. regarding the issuance of revenue bonds for facility improvements and consider Resolution No. 2002-293 determining the intent to issue revenue bonds.
  1. DRUG COURT – Jared Holroyd
  1. Presentation on 6-month progress of the Drug Court Pilot Program.
  1. APPRAISER – Mark Hixon
  1. Consider subscription to LoopNet Premium.
  1. PUBLIC WORKS – Lynn Couch
  1. Consider increase in entrance compensation for a Labor Supervisor II.
  2. Consider Contract C442-2002 for design of NW 62nd Street between NW Docking Road and NW Hoch Road.
  3. Consider release of surety for the Sherwood Park Subdivision No. 5 Streets.
  4. Consider Change Order No. 1 in the patch and overlay of the NW 62nd Street bridge over Halfday Creek project.
  5. Consider Change Order No. 2 in the patch and overlay of the NW 46th Street Bridge over Halfday Creek project.
  6. Consider Change Order No. 1 in the construction of the NE 35th Street Bridge over Indian Creek project.
  7. Consider Resolution Nos. 2002-294, 2002-295, and 2002-296 authorizing the transfer of funds from the Public Works Department budget to the special bridge, highway and equipment funds.
  8. Consider Contract C443-2002 for engineering services for the Cherry Creek North Subdivision Phase 1 Street Benefit District project.
  9. Consider Contract C444-2002 for engineering services for the Shawnee County Sewer District No. 4 Lateral Sanitary Sewer District No. 5 Phase 1 project in Cherry Creek North Subdivision
  10. Consider Change Order No. 1 in the construction of the SW 109th Street Bridge over Towhead Creek project.
  1. Consider Contract C445-2002 for the development of preliminary plans through field check and right-of-way phases for improvements of SW Wanamaker Road from SW 39th Street to SW 61st Street.
  2. Consider awarding bid for the waterline relocation project at SE 45th and SE Adams and Contract C446-2002 for same.
  3. Consider acceptance of a Kansas Warranty Deed and authorization to pay property owner for the right-of-acquisition for the SW Wanamaker Road Bridge over Wakarusa River project..
  1. COUNTY COUNSELOR – Richard Eckert
  1. Consider claim for lost boots.
  1. CORRECTIONS – Betsy Gillespie
  1. Consider Contract C447-2002 with Trugreen Chemlawn for lawns, shrub and tree care.
  1. Consider Contract C448-2002 and Contract C449-2002 for shared use of the 800 MHz system.
  1. PURCHASING – Charlene Mischke
  1. Consider awarding bid for janitorial services and Contract C450-2002 for same.
  2. Consider awarding bid for concrete work for Parks and Recreation.
  1. Consider awarding bids for vehicles for the Sheriff’s Office, Public Works and Noxious Weeds.
  1. Consider approval of a Request for Project Exemption Certificate for material for concrete walkways at the Shawnee North Community Parks.
  1. Consider certain closings and/or restricted use of Lake Shawnee during 2003 for special events.




  3. Consider Contract C451-2002 for demolition of the Shawnee North Community Park Pool and Bathhouse.
  1. AUDIT FINANCE – Trinket Harding
  1. Consider year-end financial transactions.
  1. Consider two appointments to the Shawnee County Advocacy Council on Aging.
  2. Consider canceling December 26 Commission Meeting.
  1. Acknowledge receipt of Summons in Case No. 02C1446—Mike Ward vs. Shawnee County Board of Commissioners.
  2. Acknowledge receipt of Summons in Case No. 02C1551—Joseph Thornwall vs. Board of County Commissioners, Shawnee County, Kansas.
  3. Reflect that the Commissioners signed Resolution No. 2002-291 authorizing Shawnee County to be listed as a named party in legal action of KAC with respect to demand transfer payment reductions recently made by the Governor.
  4. Consider Resolution Nos. 2002-297, 2002-298, 2002-299 and 2002-300 authorizing the County Clerk to cancel checks.
  5. Consider Resolution No. 2002-301 authorizing the Treasurer to cancel and reissue checks.
  6. Acknowledge receipt of the Concessions and Novelty Commission Report for the Kansas Expocentre for the month of October 2002.
  1. Acknowledge receipt of a report from the Transportation 2000 Study Group regarding their recommendations to the Governor for completion of the entire Comprehensive Transportation Program.
  2. Acknowledge receipt of the Interim Balance Sheet for the month ended November 27, 2002.
  3. Receive, for approval by the Board, County Commission Meeting minutes of January 10, 14, 2002 and October 14, 2002.

Recess until 1:00 p.m.

1:00 p.m. – Continued Review of material provided by the Kansas Horseman’s Foundation.